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Sometimes there are moments in life that we haven’t been a part of. We have no context, few clues, and no personal tie to that moment in time, but we presume to have an understanding of what happens. It’s that self-centered part of our brain that tells us the universe revolves around us. Sometimes I wonder what is happening in other people’s minds and lives when I’m not around. Do they think of me or talk about me? How does life exist when I’m not around? Am I the star of the Truman Show in a much more insane existence. Then I remember that a world exists without me and always has and will long after I’m gone.

This is one of those shots. It’s a picture I didn’t take of a girl I don’t know and have never met. A friend needed to empty out a memory card and get it burned to a CD so that she could continue on with her vacation and I fell in love with this picture. I started creating a story of this beautiful shy girl that my friend knew in Paris. She was sweet and soft-spoken and carried herself with grace. She had a lovely accent and enjoyed wearing an apron and making brunch for her friends on a Sunday morning. Crepes with fresh squeezed orange juice and fruit. She did it so simply and effortlessly because it was from the heart. She has never been obligated to do it, or even asked, but finds a joy in being with the people that have become her family with her real family so far away… And this story builds in my mind as a detailed real life fairy tale. There are hardships and heartbreaks and joy that some of us can only dream of. It is beautiful just like her.

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