About Me

I remember being a kid and my uncle had a photo development shop. I was the only one that always wanted to go there and play with the cameras and see how things got developed. Now it’s a new age and everything has gone digital and afforded us an opportunity to play with images and make them our own in a whole new way. That’s exactly what I enjoy to do. I have stories and memories attached to my pictures; happy, sad, indifferent, happy and sometimes a bit painful. Pictures are the stories of our lives. They will one day be passed on through generations to our families and friends and provide us immortality to those who see them. I’m not looking to be truly immortalized here, but I do want to share a piece of myself.

I am someone who loves to travel, take and play with photos, and go on a good rant or story. This is my narcissistic way to be able to share all of that. I’ve always had a love of photography and have done as much as I can with what I’ve had.

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