A journey begins…

Every journey begins with a single step. One foot in front of the other and off you go. Ours was no different from the outside, but it was everything to us. It started with a glance, a drink, a stolen kiss on the cheek, and the rest fell into place the way it was always meant to. It all led to a day of celebration and joy that became a journey around the world. We’d traveled together to spots near, but never had we gone so far together. Our honeymoon was a two week excursion in Paris and it helped us both grow closer and discover each other.

That first day was long. After the flight any my knees being pressed against the seat in front of me, I was exhausted, excited, and all together ready to never sit again. It’s interesting seeing another place through someone else’s eyes. The two of us always look at new places through a different lens. I think it’s easier for me to skip the obvious flaws and go to the beauty since my eyes are always behind my camera lens.

After we settled into our AirBnB that first day, we decided to explore the immediate area around us. A walk always makes things seem clearer. If there’s a city in this world worth going aimless in, Paris might be that. The architecture, the streets, the random little pockets of strange; they all make it so charming and interesting. And, just like every old city, there’s churches galore. We started with the church atop the hill where you can see all of Paris. There is always a very humbling experience when you sit above an entire city. It’s made even more indescribable when you’re staring down the Eiffel Tower. We went inside, lit a candle for ourselves, and made the journey back down the hill, past the cemetery with Alexander Dumas, back to the AirBnB.

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